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Linux Webbhotell and Its Benefits Back in 2012 it was reported that Linux Servers had increased revenue by 16 percent to $2.4 billion in the... Malmo Cloud 5

Linux Webbhotell and Its Benefits

Back in 2012 it was reported that Linux Servers had increased revenue by 16 percent to $2.4 billion in the first quarter, improving by 3.3 points to represent about 21 percent of the entire server revenue.

Two years later, it was also reported that the market for Linux jobs had exploded; 97 percent of all hiring managers indicated their intention to hire as much Linux talent as they can after the Linux server market share rose to 28.5 percent as reported by (International Data Corporation (IDC)..

According to the Linux Foundation, 77 percent of most hiring managers are after the best Linux talent, an increase of 7 percent from 2013. High performance computer and deployment of cloud infrastructure have been cited as major reasons why Linux server usage continues to rise.

So, why should YOU use Linux hosting?

Well consider these points…

  • Open source heritage

An open source program allows many web programmers to enhance and modify it before distributing it to the users everywhere. Linux has a global body of expert users continually working behind the scenes to fix bugs and enhance functionality. There are lots of motivated developers and some of the brightest and most experienced talent are not working primarily for monetary motivation.

  • Stability

Linux systems are amongst the most stable and reliable hosting systems with proven and documented industry track record for unfailing use without crashes during the most demanding conditions. Reliability and Stability are crucial for all businesses, since any downtime at all can bring about very serious consequences, which is why so many new SME’s and new businesses choose a Linux system as their preferred option.

  • Linux systems performance

Linux Systems have often been demonstrated to give better performance when compared to Windows systems whose stability can be degraded very fast when multiple processes are running simultaneously.

Helpfully, Linux doesn’t require rebooting, while changes in the configuration of Windows often demands a reboot, which increases the dreaded downtime. Linux configurations can be carried out easily and successful in a system that’s running without having an effect on other operations.

  • Linux is flexible…

Linux hosting is flexible with high performing applications. It allows you to use embedded systems together with server and desktop applications.

Saving disk space is very easy in Linux considering only the useful components are installed, such as setting up a number of office programs rather than the whole office suite.


  • Unbeatable flexibility

All businesses running on Linux Webbhotell can be sure of unequalled flexibility, characterised by constant improvements and new developments.

The open source system hosts all manner of applications from multimedia and blogging sites to ecommerce applications and much more. And Linux is a very easy platform to update and modify.

  • Network and installation friendliness

Linux is easy to install and a publicly accessible installation that’s very user-friendly. The platform is fastnd provides fascinating network functionality having passed through the hands of different teams of programmers.

Apart from being the simplest to use, Linux is delivered with its own software, pre-installed, and can be extended or modified.

Since the platform was made with basic website hosting support in mind, installation of Perl Script, MySQL or PHP is very easy. Which can boost the performance and productivity of a site.

The fact that Linux is able to handle diverse processes simultaneously beats Windows hands down in terms of performance.

  • Highly reliable and more secure

One of the most debilitating realities of our times is that hacking can happen to SMEs and giant tech brands as has happened in the past. As a result, businesses demand the highest standards in security and reliability. So which is the best between Windows and Linux hosting in terms of security and reliability?

Linux comes with massive server upgrades, maintenance of software fixes while providing Webbhotell services, particularly because obsolete parts can lower server performance with time raising hosting prices. Of course, anyone connected to the web is in a constant threat of some security risk. However, Linux has been offering hosting services to websites for years since the dawn of the internet and thus is highly reliable.

  • Inexpensive

Being an open source platform means Linux is freely available to use. Lots of Webbhotell providers choose Linux since it lowers the cost of web hosting ensuring customers access the service at a fairly low cost.

Note that Windows demands constant hardware upgrades to have the various ever-changing resource requirements accommodated. On the other hand, Linux platform is the most scalable, flexible, trim and slim. Its performance on any PC doesn’t really depend on the machine design or processor.

The supremacy of Linux in Webbhotell is clear; it can be reconfigured to meet specific purposes of a business, enhance performance and lower the demands for memory.

We hope this article has been of some help to you and answered many of your questions.

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